Crucible Rooms

A Crucible Room is similar to an Escape Room or an Exit Room; akin to the Crystal Room or the Adventure Game of long ago.  The principals of the room follow a scenario in which a team of participants take on the role of protagonists in that story. The team have an hour to play out the scenario with various degrees of success as they battle our plot, puzzles and clues using our unique props and professional sets.

Each room is unique and has various states allowing it to be played at different levels of difficulty allowing players in our games to return again and again and test their skill with differing results and paths through the rooms.

If you have never been to an Escape Room before fret not. The Rooms are easy to involve yourself with and our staff will be on hand to run you through a brief and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Types of Room.

At Crucible Adventures we like to offer a gallimaufry of rooms and challenges, so we provide the following types of chambers:

Adventure Rooms – These are simply one off rooms that have no follow on. They are also supported by the website but more simply.

Story Rooms – These rooms follow an over arcing plot; they can be solved as one room and left alone or they can be followed through multiple stage piece as clues from one room lead to another in which hidden puzzles and clues can be found and solved for greater reward.

These Rooms are supported by You Tube Channels, independent websites and vlogs all of which are updated to match the developing stories

Bringing the Crucible to you

The first forays of the company come in form of mobile Crucible Rooms available for hire! We will travel to you with one of the available Crucible Rooms anywhere in Hampshire to a suitable venue of your choice and run the Game once or multiple times for you.

Where should we have a Crucible Room?

  • An excellent corporate event as a team building exercise
  • Something unusual for weddings
  • Something to build a party around
  • A great attraction to established venues
  • Expositions and Festivals