The Why

It is our job as human beings to bring an equality to the world: To make sure everyone has the chance to be amazing

 The What

The Crucible is an Entertainment company with a technological heart. Drawing on a transformative business model, bleeding edge tech, and some of the most talented individuals in the world, we’re in a position to demolish outdated systems and invent new rules . By giving you access to the unique, luxury experiences Crucible provides, we are redefining the meaning of live interactive entertainment.

The Who

Our Founders – Cam and Stephen.

Cam and Stephen have known each other since 2001, they think. Since becoming firm friends almost straight away, they have worked, gamed and camped together over the years, creating brilliant concepts as they went.

Cam and Stephen, alongside Jay Cooling of Dragon Armouries, have poured their passion for new technology and traditional storytelling into Crucible, a company which has taken them on a wild ride since its inception as LARPtronics in 2013.

Cam’s experience lies with molding the latest technology into a shape that can be then used to build the devices used in our games. He leads the Crucible engineers, and together they are responsible for ensuring that the devices produced are indistinguishable from magic.

Stephen’s background lies in LARP, having run his own systems for the past 20 years, writing and management. As the face of Crucible, Stephen brings his imagination and flair to the company as the driving force behind the concepts and stories that make The Crucible Rooms so different to anything seen before.

Crucible’s meaning is clear and reflects the beliefs of its founders; that technological advance can have a positive impact for change in the communities it touches and into the societies beyond. Cam and Stephen believe that every company, no matter where they sit in the market, has a responsibility to ensure the world becomes a better place for its presence – driving positive social, political and economic change, creating opportunities and promoting corporate responsibility.